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Since I have just about a month until my wedding, I have been crafting for hours and hours this week. And since about 80% of my wedding is DIY I needed to kick it into full gear! One project I am especially proud of is my alternative card box.I am all about?investing?money.?So if I can't use it later on in life, I am hesitant to buy it.So when I passed by these beautiful velvet stockings in Pottery Barn, I had to have them for my future home. Dan and I requested monetary gifts on our website since we'll be moving when he gets back from his deploymentcheap throw pillow covers, so I had to prepare for a flood of cards.?And I knew that they would make the perfect card holder! They just needed to me to make them more fabulous, so I made them these glitter accents!

Happy Wednesday, friends! This has been an odd week to say the least. I feel like it’s my Monday. Isla and Ani were off school all last week due to the holiday and a snow day and this week I spent their time at school at Adalyn’s school for her 100th Day of School celebration. While I didn’t get any work accomplished, I had a great time. I always enjoythe opportunity to be in her classroom, amongst her friends. Now I’m trying to catch my breath with an overflowing inbox, passion to create and need to complete a few projects. One of my many projects is our family room. I have somewhat of a vision for the space, but since the room is used infrequently, I haven’t really focused on it. Still, I thought I’d share how the family room has evolved to date with some photos I snapped over the weekend.