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About two-months ago we had (basically) decided on the design and layout for our invitations but somehow the actual “;making them”; part fell to the wayside. We revisited the invites when we realized that we had planned on getting them out into the mail by the first week of August and that time had come and gone. This was last week. So in a frantic panic we would email one another with different variations of the invitation, RSVP postcard and miscellaneous other options for tying it all together. Finally we decided on this:

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So let's be honest for a secondcheap throw pillow covers, sometimes people aren't always the sharpest of tools in the shed —; That's why we decided to add a bit of tongue and cheek insert explaining the “;Song Request”; on the R.S.V.P. Also, if you were wondering I'm the Belafonte lover and Japh is the Crosby one.

I created the above three in separate Microsoft Publisher files (it's a silly simple not oft used software which I find really odd because overall it does a moderately good job with creating stationary items). After a bit of back and forth we decided to go with the font Futura (it took a while to find a free download but as always, if its on the internet —; it's gotta be free somewhere!). I have a template (in the form of MS Publisher) for the RSVP postcards should anyone be interested. Just shoot me an email at and I'll reply with such. The actual documents aren't slightly fuzzy like they are displaying here. It seems as if there has been a bit of fuzzing around the edges of some of the verbiage when I converted these to .jpg files.

?Whaddaya think?

Years ago when I first got back into quilting, I did it because I wanted to learn how to make a baby quilt. I think that making a baby quilt is one of the main reasons that people pick up quilting. They are great quilting projects for beginners since they are small and relatively quick to sew.

When CEO and Founder of RARE Science Christina Waters?(RARE Science is a nonprofit organization that accelerates cures for kids), approached BERNINA for a sewing machine to raffle off at A Beary RARE Affair, her request launched more than just a machine giveaway. It was decided that BERNINA had to do something more.

This is my instructable on sewing a tailor made skirt.