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 cheap throw pillow covers     |      2020-03-06 11:29

There is a box in my closet, we don’;t like to talk about it’;s existence, it holds all of my unfinished Holiday projects. The things I start then don’;t finish (no one else does thatcheap throw pillow covers, right? *wink*). A few years ago I figured out that if I put it in “;the box”; that I can pull it out to finish it the next year. Believe it or not, it actually works. The reason I tell you this is so that you’;ll appreciate this Mini Christmas Stocking Garland project even more.

I can not believe it I finished a Christmas craft project BEFORE Thanksgiving. This is a miracle for me, as I love making Christmas crafts but have a hard time starting until after Thanksgiving. Usually I wait too long then end up rushing to finish all of my projects before the big day.

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This little garland was so easy and fun to make that I might just expand it to have more than just 5 stockings. I had a great time picking out the fabrics for each one.

If you’;d like to make a garland yourself, ?(I give you permission to start a?Christmas craft before Thanksgiving) just hop on over here for the FULL TUTORIAL!

You can easily finish this project in an afternoon, it would also be so fun as a “;Crafternoon”; project with your friends!

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Shimmery wrapping paper, colorful ribbon, clusters of red berries… nothing evokes instant holiday cheer quite like a beautifully-wrapped gift. However, after the hustle of holiday shopping and finally figuring out the perfect gifts for every family member, getting creative with gift wrapping is usually at the bottom of the list. For inspiration on how to wrap this year’s presents, we decided to turn to nature to discover new elements that are sure to make our gifts stand out among the rest.