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Olivia Newton John wasn’;t lying when she sang, “;Summer lovin’;, happened so fast.”; Summer will be here before you know it, and it’;s time to get your backyard ready for barbecues and pool parties. Yard work may seem like a daunting task after winter has taken its toll, but don’;t worry—follow these simple steps, and your yard will be ready for “;ohcheap throw pillow covers, those summer nights.”;

Clean your outside windows, doors, light fixtures and patio furniture with a nontoxic cleaning solution. Mix equal parts vinegar, water and lemon juice to create a powerful and natural cleaning agent that won’;t harm plants, pets or wildlife. If you have a large outdoor space, you may want to invest in a power washer. The high-pressure spray of water will cut through grime, rust, dead bugs and other grime without having to use harsh chemicals. You can even save the excess water to hydrate grass and potted plants.

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Make sure everything is in working order and safe for children and guests. We suggest:

Your pool, fountains and other water features should be clean and clear. Algae and other bacteria can make water features odorous and unsightly. The San Francisco Gate suggests cleaning your water features every two to three months, including during the off season. When you clean your fountain, take out the pump and all decorations and clean those separately. If possible, place water features in a shady spot, as algae grows better when exposed to light. Don’;t add bleach or anything toxic to the water—it can harm plants and animals. Barley extract or barley balls are a natural solution that fight algae and bacteria growth.

Getting your pool ready for summer may be the biggest job in your backyard. Only empty your pool if it has structural damage or if it’;s been uncovered and has too many leaves and debris at the bottom. According to Popular Mechanics, draining your pool in a high water table can actually result in your pool coming out of the ground, which would mean a complete replacement. Follow these steps to get your pool summer ready:

It is, of course, just as important to keep your outdoor space as organized as your indoor space. For yard and garden tools, use pegboards with customizable shelves and hooks to organize. Hanging everything up keeps it accessible while freeing up yard space. If you don’;t want your unsightly tools visible, Better Homes and Gardens recommends hiding storage areas with DIY outdoor curtains.

For pool and outdoor toys, paint an old workbench or cabinet and cover the doors in a durable cloth that matches your outdoor decor. Hang decorative hooks by the back door, so the kids can hang up wet towels and swimming suits or dirty clothes without littering the yard or dirtying the house. With a clean and organized backyard, you’;ll be ready for summer fun in no time.

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