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These Paper Pinwheels are so fun to make and easy to customize for any Holiday. Today I’;m going to show you how to make paper pinwheels for the 4th of July, but they would be equally cute for Memorial Day, or a Summer Party.? They are also a great kids summer craft project or classroom craft idea.

Recently, I was on WDRB in Louisville sharing how to make these cute paper pinwheels and?giving viewers?a few ideas for using them to decorate for the 4th of July.

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You can watch the segment online here:

I first shared a tutorial on how to make paper pinwheels in 2011cheap throw pillow covers,?that seems like a millennia ago in blog years. ?With the 4th of July coming up I thought I’;d give the tutorial a little red, white and blue update.

The technique I’;m going to show today is different from the one 4 years ago. These pinwheels will spin as you turn them but not spin in the wind (yes, I heard you when you asked for ones that spin). If you want ones that spin in the wind, well that’;s a different tutorial?for another day.

Fold your paper in half diagonally. ?Unfold it and fold it diagonally in the other direction.

Unfold it. In the very center (where the two folds meet), poke a small hole with the brad or other object (like a pen or small scissors)

Cut along each fold line up to 1″; –; 1 1/2″; from the center, DO NOT cut all the way to the center.

Your piece now looks like 4 triangles being held together in the center. Using your hole punch, ?punch?a hole in one corner of each “;triangle”;, make sure to punch the same corner on each triangle.

Bring one of the corners towards the center and feed the brad through the hole in it. Bring the remaining 3 corners forward tucking each one onto the end of the brad.

After you’;ve got all 4 corners tucked in, poke the brad through the hole you made in the center of the pinwheel. Spread open the tines to hold all the layers in place.

Flatten one end of the straw and punch a hole through the center. Undo the tines on the brad and feed it through the straw.

Refold the tines and voila!!

It’;s a pinwheel!

Make them in all different papers and decorate your house or 4th of July food or beverage table with them! ?(free “;God Bless America”; printable can be found here)

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When CEO and Founder of RARE Science Christina Waters?(RARE Science is a nonprofit organization that accelerates cures for kids), approached BERNINA for a sewing machine to raffle off at A Beary RARE Affair, her request launched more than just a machine giveaway. It was decided that BERNINA had to do something more.

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