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Inspired by a love for the ocean, Beach Road Naturals is an all organic range of bath and body products.

From body bars to body oils, Beach Road Naturals is all about indulging the senses with natural, everyday luxuries. Cruelty free and made with a nourishing base of coconut oil, each product works to deeply hydrate and restore skin health.New to our wellness range, we sat down with co-founder Amy Dempsey to discover what makes this family owned business so unique.

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What inspired you to create Beach Road Naturals?

Beach Road Naturals was inspired and created by a love for the ocean and travel. My brother (co-founder) and I have always had a passion for natural and unique products with organic ingredientscheap throw pillow covers, so we decided to create our own range. After some research, we found there was a gap in the market for coconut oil based products that were palm oil free, and this led us to create Beach Road Naturals. We were fortunate that our dad has a background in food technology and chemistry so he has played a vital role in our product development. It has been a real family affair creating Beach Road Naturals and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.

What is the importance to your company to use organic ingredients?

We believe using organic ingredients makes the product more effective simply because they don’t disrupt your body’s natural state. Ultimately what you put on your skin will end up in your body, so we say treat your body well and you will feel and look your best. Organic products are also pesticide free, meaning they are better for your body as well as the environment.

What sets Beach Road Naturals apart in the bath and body market?

Our formulas are all original Beach Road Naturals creations and are tested on our family and friends, never animals. We have a strong emphasis on Australian, organic and sustainable ingredients and only ever add high quality essential oils, most of which are sourced directly from Australian farmers.

How did you discover the incredible benefits of coconut oil?

Coming from a family with a background in manufacturing, we became aware of all the problems associated with palm oil in Borneo, so we looked into an alternative. It was then that we discovered coconut oil was readily available and a great alternative to palm oil in products. Further research into using coconut oil as a base, found that it had incredible benefits to the skin as well as the environment.

What are some common misconceptions surrounding natural beauty?

Sometimes there can be stigma that because something is so natural, it may not be as effective. This has since been proven untrue, as science now has the ability to test and discover the efficiency of these natural products. The results found natural products to be just as effective (if not better!) than synthetic products.

What are some of your favourite Beach Road Naturals ingredients?

Personally, my three favourite are:

Organic Coconut OilIt revitalises and invigorates the skin for an improved, radiant appearance. It also has nourishing and restorative properties, leaving your skin deeply moisturised. Coconut oil delivers a noticeably more luxurious lather, leaving your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth.

Vitamin EIt’s essential for healthy skin growth, repair of wear and tear, keeping skin smooth and protecting against cracking.

Australian Organic CoffeeIt gently exfoliates dead skin, allowing the moisturising essential oils to penetrate deep into the skin. It also smells amazing!


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