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This season we welcome Australian photographer, Jane Graystone's work to our collection of wall art. Inspired by her childhood growing up with extensive gardens, Graystone beautifully captures Australian botanics.

Where did your passion for photography begin?

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My passion for photography began in my school darkroom back around 1994. I was totally captivated by watching an image come to life in the developing tray. I was definitely hooked from then on. I became very passionate about black and white photography. I still have my very first camera and often think I might create a series from it.Creating images seemed like something I just had to do from then on.

Your love for botanics comes from being raised on large properties, are there any particular memories of your childhood that stand out?

There are many memories I have of picking wild flowers or being in the garden. I remember playing on our lawn and mum would be picking roses from the big rose bushes that lined our veranda.

There were alwaysbeautiful vases of flowers throughout our homecheap throw pillow covers, andhiding amongthe rambling yellow Banksia Rose that grew over our water tank.

I also remember when I was very young the feeling of having sticky fingers from picking little blue flowers. The stems used to stick to your clothes. Ican still feel the touch of them in my hands. There is a photo of me at my parents home with pigtails holding a little bunch of these blue flowers, I must have been only three.

Do you have a favourite flower to photograph?

No not really. I do love the shape and form of a Magnolia, and I have a love for petals and colour. I am always amazed at how many petals one Rose can hold, or how magnificent a Peony in full bloom is. Yet, I am also taken by the unusual beauty of a native, or how fragile a dying bloom can be. I find most botanicals really beautiful in their own unique way.

What is your favourite way to shoot, do you prefer in your studio with lights, or with natural lighting?

I prefer shooting in natural light mostly always. Nothing beats beautifulfiltered or dappled light. It seems to capture texture and depth very well. I do enjoy the vibe of a studio though.

Where do you find all the beautiful flowers to photograph?

I gather flowers from my parents garden, buy from local florists, or forage roadside pickings. I work on events and purchase flowers from the markets for styling, and I am often lucky enough to be able to take them home afterward and create images with them.

Blush Rose, King Proteas, Rambling Poppies


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