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The French are renowned for their style and impeccable taste. From the haute couture designers of the catwalks to interior design styles that have stood the test of time in terms of beauty and grace. We take a look at the three most popular to inspire you to add a little touch of French chic in your home. ?

Suave, chic and immaculate, Parisian style oozes sophisticated elegance. Placing old next to new works incredibly well when the colour palette is soft and muted. ? Living Room.

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French Proven?al reflects the style of south west France from the 17th and 18th centuries. The colour palette is inspired from the landscapecheap throw pillow covers, with soft lavenders, blues and creams being at the top of the list. Roughly plastered walls along with stone flooring and shuttered windows are the hallmarks of the style. ? Living Room:

Pretty blue and white porcelain, terracotta tiled floors and exposed beams give this style a classical French farmhouse look. The style is easy to live with, capturing the essence of French rural life, yet providing luxury with opulent linens, ornate mirrors and carefully chosen object d'art. ? Living Room:

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