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Having the best nursing bras are a must-have if you are breastfeeding. These bras provided me with the support and comfort I needed when I started breastfeeding. They are very similar to regular bras except that you can either pull the cup down or move the fabric to the side for breastfeeding or pumping sessions instead of having to remove the entire bra.

I tried to compile and answer some of the questions women often have about these bras. Here is what you need to know before you start shopping for nursing bras.

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No, but I would strongly recommend one if you are breastfeeding or pumping milk. These bras are more convenient than traditional bras and designed to be more comfortable and supportive. Besides, they often keep breast pads in place better than traditional bras.

You can wear a nursing bra just like a traditional bra. The only difference is that you will be able to unfasten a clip and pull down the cup for nursing. Some bras have a different design and allow you to pull the fabric up or to the side.

You can find some nursing bras designed for sleeping or lounging that will be comfortable enough to wear at night if you want support or need to use breast pads.

Start by determining your band size. Use a soft tape measure around your chest. The tape should rest above your breasts and under your armpits.

Use the tape measure around the fullest part of your breasts. Subtract your band size from this number to find your cup size. If the difference is less than an inch, you will need an A cup. Go up a cup for each additional inch (if the difference is 2 inches, you would need a B cup, if it is 3 inches, you would need a C cup, etc.)

This depends on how pregnancy and breastfeeding are affecting your cup size. You can shop for maternity bras designed to support tender breasts and wear them throughout your pregnancy or opt for nursing bras since these products are often designed for optimal comfort as well.

You can start shopping for nursing bras shortly before your baby is due, but keep in mind that you might need to go up a size later on.

I would strongly recommend a hands-free nursing bra if you are going to be using a breast pump. These bras feature openings where you can insert breast shields and straps and loops that keep the pumps and bottles in place.

Some believe that underwire bras can negatively impact blood flow to the breasts and put pressure on the milk duct system. However, there is no evidence to support this.

Choosing an underwire or wire-free bra is a matter of personal preferences. You might need an underwire bra for additional support but might prefer a wire-free bra if an underwire feels too uncomfortable.

You should have at least three nursing bras but might need more if you don’t do laundry every day. You should look into buying different stylespillow covers solid, so you have something supportive you can wear during the day and a more comfortable bra for sleeping.

I have compiled this non-exhaustive list of nursing bra styles to help you decide which one is best for you.

These bras are not designed for breastfeeding since the opening is just large enough to insert the breast shields from your pumps. Look for one that has a tight seal, so the breast shields will stay in place. The straps and loops that support the pumps and bottles allow you to multitask while pumping.

A sleep nursing bra will keep your breast pads in place at night. These bras are usually lighter and looser than other bras. You will find that most sleep nursing bras have a wrap design for comfort.

If breastfeeding is making your breasts more tender than usual, you will want to wear a soft-cup bra. These bras typically have a clasp that you can unfasten to pull the cup down and breastfeed or pump.

This is an option worth exploring if you need more support. The design is similar to a soft-cup bra, but there is a wire under the cup for additional support.

Just like a regular sports bra, a sports nursing bra won’t have individual pads. I think this is a good option if you don’t need a lot of support or want a more relaxed fit.

This is a nursing bra built-into a tank top. You can find tank-top nursing bras with designs that resemble a sleep bra while some are similar to soft-cup nursing bras and have more support.

These nursing bras have small openings where you can insert breast shields for pumping. However, you won’t get loops and straps that support the pumps like with a hands-free nursing bra.

Seams can feel uncomfortable if your breasts are tender due to breastfeeding. Many nursing bras use a seamless design.

Straps digging in your shoulders can feel uncomfortable. You can find strapless bras with a flap that you can lift or pull down depending on the design.

All these different designs are available in plus sizes. Check the brand’s size chart to determine if you need a plus size.

You can start shopping for a nursing bra during the last month of your pregnancy. You will probably notice a slight change in cup size once you start breastfeeding or pumping regularly, but measurements should be fairly accurate just before giving birth.

You will need a nursing bra as soon as your baby is born, so shop for a bra in advance.

Nursing bras allow you to access the breasts for nursing or pumping. Depending on the design you choose, you should be able to pull the cup down, or lift the fabric up or to the side.

A maternity or pregnancy bra is designed to be more comfortable than a regular bra to accommodate tender and sore breasts. However, these bras won’t open like nursing bras.

There are actually a lot of options out there on the bra market for fuller busted women if you search in the correct place. Most brands (including mainstream designers such as Bravado Designs and Paramour) offer sizes suitable for larger breasted wearers, though the selection in your average department store may not match the offerings to be found in a specialist boutique catering to a fuller-breasted clientele.

Key features to consider when making your purchase include strong durable fabrics, wide padded straps, a flexible underwire and a broad flexible back for added rib cage support. Don't choose an option with too much padding, however; that can add uncomfortable bulk to your already-fuller bust line. A good nursing bra offers great support without added weight or unnecessary quilting or stuffing.

Shopping for your first nursing bra can be confusing. The market is constantly changing and expanding, and the choices are many: the best nursing bra for sleeping might not be the best nursing bra with support for daytime wear. And what about strapless nursing bras, or a nursing bra that holds a breast pump? It all depends on the specific needs and preferences of the wearer. What qualities make the best nursing bras stand out? Here are the features to look at when comparing bras.

You will be more comfortable if you can adjust the straps and the band. Your breast size can change once you start breastfeeding, and engorged breasts can grow tender and require a looser fit. You might find that you need to clasp your nursing bra on a different hook after a while. A good nursing bra can be adjusted as needed.

Choosing a bra that fits properly will help you stay comfortable so make sure you look at the brand’s sizing chart. You should also look for a bra made from a soft and comfortable material. If a nursing bra digs into your skin, it might not be a good nursing bra for you. Return it and go a size up.

Closures should be durable and easy to use since you will be unfastening and fastening them every time you breastfeed. Nursing bras typically feature clips or buttons if you can pull down the cups. Some bras don’t have any closures and are designed so you can move fabric up or to the side.

Choose a bra with hooks in the back for the daytime but think about wearing a bra with no closures or with clasps in the front for sleeping or lounging.

Color and style are entirely a matter of personal preferences! You can easily find nursing bras in classic colors like black, white and nude, but don’t hesitate to shop for more colorful bras and cute designs. It's a big market, and there's something for everyone.

The amount of support you need depends on your cup size and on how tender your breasts are. A wire-free nursing bra with soft cups might be enough, or you might need an underwire nursing bra for more support. But too much underwire can be problematical: support is necessary, but not if it leads to plugged ducts. The best supportive nursing bras take that into account and offer great support as a function of their dedicated design.

If you don’t need much support, consider wearing sports nursing bras or even sleep bras to be comfortable.

Here are 5 of the top nursing bras out there now.

Made from a soft and comfortable fabric, this nursing bra is ideal for everyday wear. The U-shaped design in the back makes this bra very comfortable and supportive.

You can adjust the straps and use the clips on the shoulder straps to pull down the cups. There are four sizes and seven colors to choose from.

This seamless bra is made from a stretchy fabric that will accommodate your changing breast size as you start nursing. The bra comes with foam inserts but you can easily remove them.

There are small clips on the bra straps that hold the cups in place. Unfasten these clips and pull the fabric down whenever you need to breastfeed or pump.

This is a nursing bra built into a cotton tank top. I think this is an ideal choice for sleeping or even for lounging on a hot day.

You can simply pull the fabric to the side for nursing. There are pouches in the tank top so you can insert nursing pads if needed.

This sports nursing bra is made from a think French Terry fabric. There are no clasps and no hooks. You can pull the fabric to the side for nursing.

There is a band that holds the bra in place and provides you with support, but this isn’t an elastic band that will dig into your skin. There are 12 different sizes and eight colors to choose from.

This comfortable nursing bra is made from a stretchy fabric. There are clasps on the bra straps that you can unfasten to pull the cups down.

The bra comes with molded cups that you can remove if you decide you don’t need the coverage. This bra stands out thanks to the supportive band and added support on the sides. This is a good alternative to an underwire bra if you want more support!



After using all of these nursing bras for sleep, yoga, exercise, lounging around the house, and going out, I have found the nursing bra that best fits my needs and comforts, and I think you will too! So what is the best nursing bra?

After considering which nursing bra was the best value for the money, which one would be the most versatile for a mother with a busy lifestyle, and which one provided the most support, I think the Gratlin Comfort Maternity Wire-free Seamless Nursing Bra is a clear winner.

The fabric is soft and stretchy to accommodate tender or growing breasts, and this nursing bra has additional support under the cups and on the sides without using seams or wires. This would be the perfect nursing bra to wear at work or at home. Keep in mind that you will need something different for sleeping since the band might dig in your skin.

I have compiled a few tips that will help you find the best nursing bra:

Nursing bras are an essential addition to your wardrobe if you are expecting or just had a baby. However, there are other things you will probably need:

Some bra extenders if you need a longer band. These are great if your chest size is changing during pregnancy or maternity.

Nursing pads to absorb leaks. They have both disposable and reusable pads for your preference.

A nursing cover so you can discreetly breastfeed in public.

Additional clasps, clips, and fasteners in case you need to replace the closures on your favorite nursing bra.

Get the breast pump that's right for you for those that prefer this with with their baby.

Baby bottles to store breastmilk or baby formula if you need to be away from your baby during the day.

These tips and reviews should help you find the best nursing bra for your needs. I think the Gratlin Comfort Maternity Wirefree Seamless Nursing Bra would be an excellent choice for most nursing mothers due to its quality and versatility (check out its 4 star rating on Amazon), but you might prefer something different if you want more support or something looser for sleeping.

Jess Miller is a loving mother that wants to help other parents by giving them helpful parenting tips and reviewing the best products for their children to save them time, money, and hassle.

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