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Today I’;m going to show you how to make a Christmas Card Holder. ?It’;s really simple and easy to make! ?If you like this project you may also like this Christmas Home Tour.?

In my opinion, one of the very best things about December are the beautiful greeting cards that show up in the mail all month. Living in an era where actual mail is pretty scarce, receiving that kind of personal correspondence is pretty great.

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I also love that most christmas cards come with family photos. It’;s so fun to see how all of our friends have changed over the years and see?their families grow even though they?are far away.

I’;ve wanted a good way to display my Christmas Cards for a few years now. Usually we just throw them in a bowl on the kitchen tablepillow covers solid, but this year I decided that I wanted to hang them up.

So I designed this Christmas Card holder that just hangs on a door. It has clips that can hold?the?cards and can be moved around as necessary. ?My holder?is about 3 ft long but you can make one any length you’;d like, wouldn’;t it be cute the entire length of a door?

Making one is very simple (it’;s no sew) and you can customize it as you like to match your decor.

You’;ll need (click for supplies, includes affiliate links)

-Burlap Table Runner

-Small Clips (the ones I used are made by Tim Holtz and are no longer sold. You can get silver ones here)


-Dowel Rod

–;Floral Wire


-Fray Check

Begin by making your bow. To make the bow don’;t “;tie”; it like you normally would. Instead form loops with the ribbon and secure with a piece of floral wire. Keep making loops until the bow is the size you want (I did 4 loops). You are just going to use 1 piece of floral wire for all the loops.

After you get the bow the way you?like, attach some embellishments (in my case cotton, but you could use Holly Sprigs too) using the wire. Do not cut the wire.

Cut the burlap table runner in half? lengthwise (you can make 2 hangers from one table runner). ?Cut a V shape in the side of the runner that is not finished?(leave the top as is). Apply fray check along the V you just cut to keep the burlap from unraveling.

Cut a dowel rod to about 4″; longer than your burlap table runner.

Feed a piece of floral wire through the top of the table runner and attach it to the dowel rod. ?Attach the bow also in the same way.

Next place the clips where you like on the hanger. To attach the clips use 1/4″; brads. Just feed the brads though the burlap.

That’;s it! Now all you need to do is fill it up with pretty Christmas Cards.

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