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 pillow covers solid     |      2020-01-17 21:52

I had mentioned before that I had planned on decorating our tables for our at-home rustic wedding with home-made skirts made from fabric and tulle.

Well, I finally finished all of them, and I must say, as far as DIY Wedding Decor goes, I think they look awesome!

linen pillow covers

I had three 6-foot tables that needed skirts and 2 card tables. Each of these tables already had a tablecloth for the top, but I needed something that was going to really make the tables pop out with some fun decoration. I made a couple of these (smaller versions) to use as backdrops in my studio which I found on Pinterest somewhere earlier this year. It was simple enough, really.



-fabric of any kind


-yard stick (not needed but helpful)


Step One – Figure out how much/long you need your string to cover the front and sides of your table. For mepillow covers solid, I had one table that is going to be in the center of a tent so I made 2 skirts to go on this one versus one LONG one – it was easier that way. Cut your string and tie it from point A to point B. Anything works. I used two chairs at one time, the last one I used my door handle and chair from the dinner table.

Step Two – Start cutting your fabric. Depending on how much coverage you need and how long that string is depends on how much you’ll need. I cut strips that were about 28-29 inches long which , when attached to the table ?will either just hit or be just above the ground (We bought those clear table cloth holders that will go on the tables that will hold these in place, by the way). I used regular fabric I found on sale – not super soft like flannel, more of a cheap sheet-like fabric. You can even use a sheet if you wish. I did buy some fabric for these as well as several spools of glittery tulle and colored tulle to add in, and for fun, some organza as well. Get creative with your wedding colors and yes, it’s okay to incorporate prints and had I thought of it sooner … BURLAP

Fabric from old sheets, sale racks at your craft store, spools of tulle, organza …; whatever your heart's desire!

Step Three – Tie. Easiest way to do this is have each type/color of your? strips separated. Start with one and at one end, tie it on. Go down a few inches and tie the next one. Keep going until you reach the end. Step back and take a look – if anything looks too spaced out or too close, you just slide it over. The benefit is that seriously, you cannot screw this up. You tie it in the wrong spot? No biggie – slide it down the string. Then, take your next color and put it between each one already tied on – make sure you have enough. After that, take your next color/fabric/tulle and lay it across where you’ll tie it. I say this so that you don’t get half way down and realize you ran out of that kind. It’s not perfect and it doesn’t have to be a perfect pattern at all. Put it where it will look good, then tie. Keep going until it looks full and you like the way it looks.

One simple tie is all you need –; no need to knot these

Sample of the first steps of tying and alternating between colors.

The helpful supervision of your feline friend is always helpful. Because they'll want to play in said fabric strings once you get them up …; this is their TOY, isn't it??

Step Four – Untie it from its posts and tie the ends together and store hanging up. NEVER pack these into a box because they will wrinkle and you’ll be unhappy when you go to put them up. I used a thumb tack and tacked them to a wall. You can also use a hanger and hang it up somewhere. Finally, LABEL THEM! You WILL forget which one you made for which table. Take a piece of paper, write what table it was for (maybe even the length of it if you don’t know which table yet) and then attach it to a few pieces of the fabric with a safety pin. This will save you the headache of figuring out which one was meant for which table down the road.

My finished skirt –; one of six –; some were more purple, others were more yellow. Change and mix it up and get creative!

As mentioned above, clear tablecloth hooks found online (I bought mine on Amazon) are the way we are going to attach these onto the tables.

And voila! An easy and awesome DIY project to jazz up those boring tables! Get as crazy as you want and make it your own! Use lace, use whatever you want. If you can cut it and tie it, then I say TRY IT!

The best part is, it doesn’t cost much to make these at all. Find fabric on sale or some old sheets at goodwill. Spools of tulle are always on sale at Hobby Lobby or find a coupon for your local hobby/craft store and start stocking up. In all, I had 6 of these that I made and I estimate the cost to be about only $30 for all six. I already had some of the fabric left over from my bouquets I had made and string, well I had that. I just had to buy some of the yellow? and purple fabric which was on sale. Nothing makes me happier than an easy DIY project for super cheap with leftover materials that turns out looking like a million bucks and a unique piece to your wedding!

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