pillow covers solid Embroider-Along Part 11- How to Embroider on Cuddle Luxe decorative pillow shams

 pillow covers solid     |      2020-03-09 12:55

Welcome back to my?Embroider-Along: Part 11. Hi, my name is?Sue O’Very, BERNINA Ambassador and machine embroidery expert. Today I’;m going to show you how to embroider on one of my favorite fabrics, Cuddle Luxe. Read more about embroidering napped fabrics in Part 7.

As covered in Part 7?there will be unique stabilizers for each type of napped fabric. With the Cuddle Luxe we will want to use two different stabilizers, the PolyMesh?for the bottom and StitcH20?for the top. Use an embroidery size?75/11?needle and thread is totally up to you. However I would suggest sticking with a 40 weight Polyester. It will show up better on the napped material vs a thinner thread.

decorative pillow shams

We have not covered what In the Hoop is yet however today I’;m going to show you how to make an In the Hoop project. In the Hoop is a technique of machine embroidery where the project is constructed inside the hoop. Sometimes an In the Hoop project is partially finished requiring hand or machine sewing, like the Sassy Stripe Zipper Zipper bag show below. Other times an In the Hoop project requires no extra sewing such as the Monogram Charms.

Today’;s In the Hoop project features the Shannon Fabric Cuddle Luxe and felt to create an adorable Strawberry Pincushion. There will be a tiny amount of hand stitching after the filling is inserted. This pincushion stitches up fast and would be the perfect accessory to any sewing studio.

Here is a complete list of supplies and materials needed for the Cuddle Luxe Strawberry pincushion.

Insert brand new needlepillow covers solid, 60 weight bobbin, thread top of machine with thread matching the front. Hoop PolyMesh stabilizer. Insert hoop into machine and sew the stitch #1, the placement stitch. Place the front right side up over the stitching, secure the top and bottom with tape. Sew stitch #2, the secure stitch.

While hoop is in machine sew stitch #3, the stem placement stitch. Place the felt right side up over the placement stitch. Use tape to secure. Sew stitch #4 the stem secure stitch. Remove hoop from machine and place on a flat surface. Cut as close to the stitching without cutting the stitching along the sides and bottom of the stem pieces. *Do Not Cut the Top of the Stem* this will be set inside the seam allowance.

Place a piece of StitcH20 covering the front. This will help the satin stitches of the stem to lay flat over the Cuddle Luxe, and also the black seed stitches. Sew the satin stitch, #5, the center running stitch, #6 and the black seed stitches, #7. Once stitching is complete, remove the StitcH20 from the front, careful not to disturb the stitches.

Change bobbin to match the top final construction stitch. Fold a piece of ribbon in half to form a loop. Tape to secure. Insert hoop into machine and sew stitch #8, the ribbon secure stitch.

Place the back right sides down over the front. Secure with tape along the top and bottom. Sew the final stitch #9, the construction stitch. Notice the top portion is open for turning right sides out. Remove hoop from machine and materials from hoop. Cut all the way around outside stitching, leave about 1/4″; seam allowance. Leave about 1/2″; seam allowance at opening. Turn right side out. Use point turner as needed to smooth out seams. Roll piece of paper to form a funnel. Carefully insert filling into strawberry pincushion.

Once desired amount of filling is inside the pincushion, hand stitch closed. Pin away!

The last part of my Embroider-Along is working with Pet Screen which is a type of sheer material. I will show how to make a tiny In the Hoop zipper bag to hold small notions. It’;s going to be a fast and easy project, be sure to bookmark this page to come back again.

When did you get your first embroidery machine? Let me know in the comments below and please ask any questions you might have about materials I haven’;t covered. Be sure to keep following along here, you can also follow BERNINA on?Instagram?and?Facebook?to see the latest post!

Here is the?Embroider-along schedule:

Until next time I hope you have a creative day, bye-bye!


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