pillow covers solid Embroider-along Part 12- How to Embroider on Pet Screen decorative pillow shams

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Welcome back to my?Embroider-along: Part 12. Hi, my name is?Sue O’Very, BERNINA Ambassador and machine embroidery expert. Today I’;m going to show you how to embroider on Pet Screen and make an In the Hoop Zipper case. Read more about embroidering sheer fabrics in Part 8.

As covered in?Part 8?there will be special stabilizers for each type of sheer fabric. With the pet screen you will want to use Badgemaster, a heavyweight wash away stabilizer. Use an embroidery size?75/11?needle and thread is totally up to you. However I would suggest sticking with a 40 weight Polyester. It will show up better over the varied texture of the pet screen. A thinner thread could get lost.

floral standard pillowcases

Today’;s In the Hoop project features Pet Screen to create an adorable Notion zipper case. When this project is complete there is no extra sewing required. Just cut, turn and use. These tiny zipper cases stitch up fast and easy. You can add a key ring and lobster hook to easily clip to your sewing tote bag for going to class.

Here is a complete list of supplies and materials needed for the Pet Screen Notion Case.

Insert brand new needlepillow covers solid, 50 weight Aurifil cotton bobbin, thread top of machine with black Aurifil. This is excellent sewing thread and does a great job when constructing In the Hoop projects. Hoop Badgemaster stabilizer. Insert hoop into machine and sew the stitch #1, the zipper placement stitch. Remove hoop from machine and place on a flat surface. Place the zipper right size up with zipper pull to the left about 1″; past the placement stitch. Secure 2-3 times with clear tape. Insert hoop into machine and sew stitch #2, the zipper secure stitch.

Change thread to blue embroidery for the decorative stitching and text. Remove hoop from machine and place on a flat surface. Place the Front Bottom right sides down with one edge along the bottom edge of the zipper tape. Secure with tape. Insert hoop into machine and sew stitch #3. Remove hoop from machine. Fold the Front Bottom toward the bottom of the hoop. Finger press flat. Insert hoop into machine and sew stitch #4.

Remove hoop from machine and place on flat surface. Place the Front Top right side down with edge along the top edge of the zipper tape. Secure with tape. Insert hoop into machine and sew stitch #5. Remove hoop from machine and fold the Front Top toward the top of the hoop. Finger press flat. Insert hoop into machine and sew stitch #6, the top secure stitch. Place a piece of Badgemaster over the Front Bottom piece for lettering. Sew stitch #7, the text “;Notions”;.

Remove hoop from machine. Use tweezers to remove any tiny pieces of the top stabilizer.

Fold the extra zipper wrong sides together to form a loop. Place the two raw edges along the raw edge of the Front Bottom piece just below the zipper. Secure with tape.

VERY IMPORTANT!?Open zipper pull half way. This will allow you to turn the zipper case right side out once stitching is complete. Place the Back right sides together and tape along top and bottom to secure in place.

Change thread back to the black Aurifil cotton for final construction stitch. Insert hoop into machine and sew final construction stitch. Once stitching is complete, remove hoop from machine and materials from hoop. With sharp scissors cut around outside stitching leaving about 1/4″;-1/2″; seam allowance. On the wrong side carefully remove stabilizer, trying not to distort stitches.

Remove all the stabilizer behind the zipper remove as well. If need be, use scissors so as to not distort the zipper stitching. Remove any extra stabilizer with warm water. Turn right side out and use point turner careful not to poke through the pet screen. Fill with wonder clips, needles or other tiny notions!

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