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 pillow covers solid     |      2019-11-28 23:35

Try and use soft furnishings which are made with natural products such as pure cotton and linens.

Save electricity on a regular basis by using candles instead.

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Geothermal heating is another way of turning your home into being eco-friendly.

Once considered too dirty, dusty and time consuming log burners are back on-trend as they're a great way of helping to lower your fuel bills.

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Terracotta look is trending big in home décor. From terracotta pots in your patio to sculptures adorning your living room, it is making a place for itself in every home in some way or the other. The term terracotta comes from an Italian word meaning, “baked earth”. It is primarily used for making pottery, décor pieces, and even jewellery. But, its penetration in the décor industry is to the extent that terracotta is being used as a colour word too. The family of natural brown to orange is being broadly classified in the terracotta category. So, if you are unable to infuse terracotta decorative items in your home décor, then try the colour range to experience the old world charm.

pillow covers solid