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Since the beginning of January I have been on the hunt for adorable Valentine’;s Day decor that does not feel too…;loud. By this I mean I wanted to challenge myself by bringing in other colors (instead of just red and pink) and to find subtle ways to say?I love you. When I found this Origami Heart tutorial at Harujion Designs I knew I just had to try it. These hearts are so easy to make that I went a little crazy and have placed them all around my home. I’;ve even set a few aside to hide in shirt pockets, books and other various places to be little I’;m thinking of you surprises on Valentine’;s Day. While you are checking out Harujion Designs make sure to take a peek at the Origami Wall Decor and the adorable Valentine’;s Day Heart Pouch Tutorial.Get the full Origami Heart tutorial after the jump…;Easy Origami Valentine Heart Card Tutorial

My daughter needs to prepare 18 Valentine’;s day cards for all her classmates until Monday. We decided to take handmade cards to school, and we made these adorable Origami Hearts yesterday. They are really easy to make. So I think I should share the how-to with someone who needs to make the last minutes Valentine gifts.I am going to show only pictures of process. So if you have any questionspillow covers solid, feel free to ask in your comment or send email to me at harujiondesign{at}gmail{dot}com. I used a 15x15cm (6×;6 inches) Origami paper. If you don’;t have Origami papers, don’;t worry. Cut papers whichever you have in your house in square. I like to use recycling papers like pages from old magazines. OK, let’;s start now.Turn it 180° around.Turn it over.Turn it over.Done!

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I added a little more detail to my heart. I cut out another paper in a key shape and glue it in the center of the heart.When you open the door of my heart, you will see the massage from me! It says “;Be mine”;. How sweet is that?We are going to print out pictures of Nina’;s smiley face, and put them in those colorful hearts with messages.

Happy Valentine’;s day!

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