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Overalls come in and out of style every decade or so, and creating your own custom pair of overalls is easy. You can create a pair of overalls with or without a patternpillow covers solid, and choose fabric, hardware, and a style to suit your needs. Try making a pair of customized overalls to add another stylish possibility to your wardrobe!

Stitch up these heart quilt block coasters as a fun decoration for your Valentine’s Day table. They even have a special pocket on the back to store a secret message!

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Holistic foodie and health coach Lee Sutherland shows us how to update your kitchen interiors to make a statement.

This year the day right before Thanksgiving is National Tie One On Day;?an opportunity for you to show your gratitude by sharing?a little of what you have with someone in need of a thoughtful gesture. Give an apron (or wrap an apron around a homemade baked gift) and pass it along to someone in need as a way to give thanks this year.