pillow covers solid Lucky Day! DIY Four Leaf Clover Stamps from Toilet Paper Rolls customized gifts for mom

 pillow covers solid     |      2020-03-30 19:20

Here’;s a quick St. Patrick’;s Day craft idea: Use toilet paper rolls to make a Shamrock stamp.This upcycled projects was inspired by our Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps guest posted by Michelle of Rust &; Sunshine. It’;s pretty much one of those, times four.?Learn how to make a toilet paper roll shamrock stamp after the jump…;

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Four Leaf Clover Shamrock Stamp

baby pillow set

Grab a toilet paper roll:

Smash it to create creases, just crush it right in halfsies:

Push one crease in to form a heart shape and wrap tape around the roll to hold in place:

It’;s not Valentine’;s Day so make another:

And another…;

And anotherpillow covers solid, for four total toilet paper roll hearts:

Go back over each toilet paper roll heart and re-fold the bottom seam to make a nice crisp fold at the point. Now hot glue along one side:

and glue the next toilet paper roll heart to the first one, making sure the stamping edge is evenly aligned:

Repeat along the edge of the second roll, then the third, until you have all four toilet paper roll hearts glued together into your shamrock shape:

Dip the stamping edge (that you were extra careful to make sure was all aligned flat) into paint (green, of course):

Ready for stamping!


There’;s your four leaf clover…;

Use a paintbrush to add a stem…;

I added a message (“;lucky day”;) using simple alphabet stamps, but you can do whatever you like.

It’;s your lucky day!

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