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 pillow covers solid     |      2020-04-27 03:22

Yes! You CAN “;embroider”; a plate! This?fancy plate?was made?with everyday Sharpie permanent pens and the BERNINA PaintWork Tool.

The ink can be made colorfast by baking the plate in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I have great luck hand-washing them with soap and water (do not use harsh abrasives).

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Here’;s how to paint your plate:

Hoop a piece of OESD StabilStick stabilizer, then score and remove the paper to reveal the sticky surface below.

Press your plate (or tile) to the surface to fix it in place.

Load the PaintWorks design of your choice on your embroidery machine. Set up your machine with the PaintWork Tool following the instructions included in the package, and insert a Sharpie Permanent Marker.

“;Embroider”; your platepillow covers solid, following the on-screen prompts. When finished, remove the plate from the stabilizer.

Repeat as desired, re-using the same sticky stabilizer?(until it’;s no longer sticky).??

This is too much fun!!!!! The technique also works for ceramic tiles; they make great trivets!

I told you all my wedding was going to be DIY heavy!? And rightfully so because I watched my little budget explode over the past week, so I have very little room to spare.? Next on our planning agenda is to start looking for bakeries to make the cake.? I went into wedding planning dead set on using our local grocery store, but my idea was quickly crushed when I talked to the bakery manager and learned how much a simple cake was going to cost.? After I heard this price, I sort of put my cake planning on hold.

Hey! I am so happy that you’ve stopped by this morning so that I could share my love of front porch decorating with you. Can you believe the first day of fall is this Friday? Let’s welcome it in with some fall inspired decor this week! ?I mean, Jordan doesn’t quite get it and well– the kids, they just want to know how soon they can water the flowers again. I suppose this might be the first year my mums don’t die to due to my neglect. Aubrey is already on top of it!?

The biggest concern with baby walkers is falling, says Dr. Hoffman. “The most severe injuries tend to result from falls down stairs and off of desks, but there is still a significant risk even on flat surfaces, just with tip-overs,” he says. Both Dr. Smith and the AAP, as an organization, are calling for a nationwide ban on the sale and manufacture of infant walkers. “The take-home message is if you’ve got one, get rid of it. Take the wheels off and dispose of it,” Dr. Smith says, and Dr. Hoffman wholeheartedly agrees. But taking away your kid’s infant walker doesn’t mean you have to take away your kid’s ability to bounce up and down. “Kids like that kind of motion, so something like a stationary activity center, which looks like a walker but doesn’t have wheels, is a great alternative,” says Dr. Smith. In a paper from 2001, the AAP also recommended stationary activity centers as a safer alternative to infant walkers, though it stopped short of endorsing specific products.