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A common theme for decoration in the bathroom is the sea. This can be done not only in a classic and in rustic way with nautical accessories and colours, but also in a modern and contemporary way. The one thing the two styles have in common with this theme is that they both use similar colour schemes. Light navy blue and white are a nautical staple.

However where as the more rustic style will use some yellows and maybe light house red as wellpillow covers solid, the modern look may add touches of silver or gold to accent areas. Bathroom cabinets look great with a weathered wood look. And can be coupled with wicker storage painted white. You can make wicker storage look even more nautical by lining the insides with blue and white striped fabric. No nautical themed bathroom is complete without shells and coral.

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These can be displayed in bowls or clear vases or just on selves or windowsills. You can also add themed artworks to the walls in weathered wooden frames. These should be used sparingly as you don't want to over crowed the wall space with just prints and pictures. A ship helm decoration looks great on the wall and can have netting or rope to add to the boat feel.

Avoid blue and white strips on all of the walls as this can make the room look too small and tall. One wall is enough to get the feel of it. The other walls can be either plain blue or white. If you want something more then textured walls are ideal or even better, wooden panelled walls. Panelled walls can really add a distinctive charm to the room. You can even give them a rough look by rubbing off some of the paint with sand paper to make them coordinate with your storage unit and mirror frames.

White or neutral coloured Roman blinds really add to the effect but normal cheap roller blinds can look good too. The advantage with ready made blinds is that they can have a subtle patten of that really adds to the look of the room without being over powering or distracting. Towels can mirror this but looks great just in blue or white or stripped. Be careful not to overdo the stripes in the bathroom as this can make the look confusing.

Another thing that can look great but shouldn't be overdone is boats. A boat ornament on a shelf or on the windowsill can really look amazing but too many will make it look too busy and fussy rather than chic and stylish. Image: Beach Cottage Love

The interior design style referred to as Eclectic is often mistaken for a haphazard form of interior where irrespective of what you throw into a room it will look fine and automatically be regarded as an inclusion to the Eclecticism of the room. This perception cannot be further from the truth, Eclectic interiors have just as much thought, effort and creativity is applied to this interior design style as it is to any other.

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