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The housing industry is big business in the UK, with 19% of households in the UK privately rented. We recently surveyed the UK to find out exactly what it is that puts prospective tenants off signing on the dotted line for a new home - and found some surprising results! Here are our top tips on how to refresh and present your property in the best way, so that you can impress potential renters.

Although easily remedied, a dirty home and unkempt garden were two of the biggest turn offs for potential renters. Make sure that you keep on top of the dust and dirt that can accumulate over time by wiping down surfaces regularly and having a whip around with the hoover every now and again.

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Gardens can be a little bit harder to tame, but with some elbow grease and a lawn mowerpillow covers solid, it’s amazing what you can achieve. Cutting the grass and removing weeds are simple and easy ways to get your garden looking presentable.

Bad smells in a property would put almost half of people (42%) off renting, but try not to cover up a smell with more smells as this may raise questions. Instead, arrive at the property a little while before the viewers do, to open some windows and get fresh air flowing throughout the house.

Evidence of damp can raise concerns for any renter, so make sure you sort out any issues you may have before renting the home out. Replacing old guttering and clearing out any blockages could solve your problems. If the problem continues, contact a damp specialist.

A first impression can be the most important, so make sure your property is looking its best when you put it up for rent. The kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms, according to our research, with just over 40% of people saying they would be put off by old fashioned decor in the kitchen or bathroom.

Updating parts of the room, such as cupboard handles and blinds will make it feel fresh, modern and well kept. A lick of paint is ideal, but if not, then work with the colour scheme you’ve got and add a few complementary accessories.

Although bright decor is often in fashion, it is not always to everyone's taste. For brightly coloured walls the best solution is probably a new coat of paint, but for bright carpets there are a few other quick fixes you could consider. A simple rug can help to bring a room together and add some warmth to the décor. Alternatively, you could furnish the room with neutral colours and fabrics to balance the bold colour of the carpet.

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